Three Awesome Adventures That Won’t Destroy the Planet

One on the most pressing issue is today’s society is climate change. Climate change has had a lot of changes to the environment, causing food shortages, damaged ecosystems, and extreme temperatures. In a survey done recently, scientists said that climate change doesn’t exist, so human activity cause these changes. People have started conserving the environment by getting electric cars, recycling plastics, eating plant-based diets among other practices.

There is a lot of awareness about conserving the environment everywhere, but these practices are not common during vacations. A vacation serves as an escape from work and stress, but everyone should not abandon the conservation practices while at it.

When people are on a vacation, many environmental features like water and air are wasted. People who are environmentally-conscious should make sustainable travel plans when on vacations. Many travelers are now considering going to destinations that are eco-friendly. Here are some activities that you can do during a vacation to conserve the environment.

Visiting Costa Rica.

Not all destinations are eco-friendly, so a traveler who is environmentally conscious must choose their vacation destination wisely. Costa Rica is a good option. Every year, Costa Rica gets over 2 million travelers. The country has set aside almost a quarter of its land area for national parks. The place runs on renewable energy all the time, mostly hydropower. The country believes that by 2021, they will be carbon neutral.

Costa Rica ensures eco-friendly travel options for all its visitors. The country has a tourist board that helps and ensures that travelers get businesses that maintain sustainable practices through a program known as Certification for Sustainable Tourism. The program identifies the firms are making efforts to reduce carbon footprints by using other resources. A business that has the program’s logo is trusted to help the people on vacation to make green choices.

Sustainable Working Holidays

For people who love getting their hands dirty, a sustainable working holiday can be a good option. The vacation gives you an opportunity to visit a foreign town or village. During the vacation, the traveler gets the satisfaction of helping the people living there on important projects like farming, building and sometimes teaching.

For example working in Australia in a Eco-Resort.

For the few who choose them, they experience more than just a vacation. The travelers have an opportunity to learn the living skills and trades from the local people, and by doing this, they support the development and sustainability of the locals.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

According to research, traveling is a major source of pollution all over the world. When people are traveling, things like fuel consumption for transport, the water used for washing in hotels and waste tend to increase significantly during vacations. When people are traveling long distances, planes are used, meaning that a lot of fuel must be used, polluting the environment.

Today, there is good news for people who are environmentally conscious. There are several upcoming travel companies and vacation options that are specifically made to reduce the amount of carbon footprint left by people traveling. Many of these companies do not offset the carbon footprint completely, but the travelers have the option of making a personal commitment to offset fully by donating it to agencies like These organizations are always involved in environmental growth and preservation.

Regardless of where you go for your vacation, it is very important to consider the environment when making any decision. There is a lot of ecotourism awareness almost everywhere in the world, so making a decision will not be a challenge. Being on a holiday doesn’t mean that your commitment to sustainability should be on a break.